FAQ for Presenters


What is the difference between an ORF (Open Research Forum) exhibit and presentation in Keio SAS?

We have provided annual meeting sponsored by the Keio SFC Academic Society as one event within the ORF, so far. However, they are now completely independent.


About application requirements

What kind of position is recognized as a member of Keio SFC Academic Society?

First, all SFC students are applicable. Second, tenured faculty member of Professors, Associate Professors, and Assitant Professors of Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, or Graduate School of Media and Governance are applicable (Non-tenured and part-time faculty member can also become a member of Keio SFC Academic Society by applying to Keio SFC Academic Society). Third, Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, and Research Associate of Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care or Graduate School of Health Management are applicable. In addition to it, full and associate members of Keio SFC Academic Society are applicable. See below for details (Article 3 in Regulations of Keio SFC Academic Society).

1. Keio SFC Academic Society set full member, associate member, student member and honorary member.
2. In principle, a full member of Keio SFC Academic Society must be a tenured faculty member of three faculties and two graduate schools in Shonan Fujisawa Campus, but non-tenured and part-time faculty member can also become as full member after the deliberation by Organizing Committee of Keio SFC Academic Society.
3. In principle, an associate member of Keio SFC Academic Society must be individuals who had graduated or retired faculty member from Shonan Fujisawa Campus whom applied for qualification will be granted its right as an associate member afterwards by their wishes. Also, for those SFC research institute senior researcher, researcher and employee who work at SFC can apply for qualification by their wishes to become an associate member through the consideration by Organizing Committee of Keio SFC Academic Society..
4. A student member of Keio SFC Academic Society must be undergraduate and graduate students in Shonan Fujisawa Campus.5. As a general rule, the honorary members of the Keio SFC Academic Society are faculty members who retired from SFC. The retired SFC faculty members are eligible to become an honorary member after being nominated and screend by the Organizing Committee of the Keio SFC Academic Society.


I don't really understand the difference between applying to [B] category individually and applying to [A] category individually.

[B] should not be related to obtaining a degree such as a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or a doctorate. If relevant, please apply for [A] category. In addition, if related-project is not possible to make a presentation unless it is a group, you can apply for [B] category. In some cases, we may propose a category change based on the content of the application.


Can I apply for both [A] and [B] categories?

You cannot apply for both. Please choose the one that is right for you.


Who can present in the [A-1] subcategory?

As of the release date of the announcement video/material, those who are in the fourth year of SFC or who are within 3 months after graduation are eligible.


I understand that only one person can apply to [A-1] subcategory per one supervisor. Is it correct?

Yes. Only one person can apply it, but it is possible for multiple 4th grade students to apply to [A-2].


Can Keio students other than SFC apply for Keio SAS?

No. Only students who belong to SFC can apply. In all categories, applicants or representatives of groups should be the member of Keio SFC Academic Society members.


Can university professors make presentations at [A-2] subcategory?

Yes, of course. All academic members can make a presentation if they pass the first screening in the case of [A-2] subcategory and [B] category.


Is it possible for multiple people to apply?

In the case of [A] category, No. But, You can enter multiple names in the author field of a research paper. In the case of [B], you can apply for more than one person if you register group name and one representative name.


About Submission/Presentation

I sent the wrong file. Is it possible to resend it?

You can register as many times as you like. Basically, we will refer to the contents sent at the end, although multiple registrations from same person are not desirable.


Is it possible to check the contents sent in the form?

The contents sent will be one-way and you will not receive a reply. When sending from the form, please save the contents yourself.


Is it possible to use a different size material than specified in the guidelines?

No. Be sure to follow the guidelines.


What tools do I need to make a video presentation?

It seems that the easiest method will be to use the screen capture method while recording the presentation at the presentation tool. There are also many other tools existed, so you should check them yourself. Some of you may be planning to capture a video under a web conferencing presentation tool such as zoom or webex, but the video created by them tends to be very heavy. Please make sure in advance that the video will work smoothly on other media by yourself.


In what format will the video be published in Keio SAS?

We will upload the submitted video file to Vimeo. Viewers will be able to view the video by entering a specific password.


Is it OK to announce research that has not been completed as a graduation project?

No problem. You can publish your research at any stage. Rather, we recommend that you publish your research in the middle of your research and use questions and comments to complete your research. Originally, annual meeting provided by us was held almost every year only in November, so most of the research presentations were still in progress. It is expected that the autumn meeting of Keio SAS2020 will be positioned as such.


If I receive a grant from Keio SFC Academic Society, does that mean that I will not be able to receive the grant unless I have a presentation in Keio SAS?

We hope that those who received the grant from Keio SFC Academic Society will make a presentation at Keio SAS. However, there is no penalty for not making it. It just depends on how you think you got the grant.


About Results/Awards

I cannot participate in the announcement/award ceremony that will be held on LIVE. Do I need to withdraw my presentation?

We strongly recommend that you attend the result announcement/award ceremony, but if it is really impossible, you do not have to withdraw your presentation. If you do not participate or if a situation similar to that occurs, it will greatly affect the ceremony, so please be sure to contact us in advance with the reason.


Are there any special goods provided for winner of gold, silver, and encouragement prizes?

Yes, of course. As usual, a prize of about 30,000 yen for the gold prize, approximately half the price for the silver prize, and approximately half the price for the encouragement prize will be prepared.


We will continue to add FAQ contents to be shared here in response to questions from you.

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